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OOTD: Minions & Updos

Hello lovelies,

I have finally started embracing Summer and the fact that Worthing is such a beautiful place to live in. I am so close to the beach that it takes me about a two minute walk to arrive on the pier from my flat above the perfectly named ‘Retro Daisy’. I am adamant that I will never leave the South coast as I love the Seaside too much, and that’s just what I’ve stuck to. I go to the arcade nearly everyday; it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and definitely not a conventional way to spend money but Peter and I are collecting tickets for something big, and I love using the two pence machines for tat and memorabilia such as Worthing magnets!

Something I have been obsessed with since Despicable Me number one is Minions! After seeing number two I became attached to the purple minions; they make me laugh so much, with their individual personalities and crazy stature. Despicable Me 1 and 2 has to be in my top 5 films as I love kids films especially animations; it even beats Shrek for me. When I saw that they had them in the grabber machines at the arcade I didn’t think for one second that I would win one on my first 20 pence go, but I did! It’s the little things in life….

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Today the weather was in full swing, and despite not reaching the fair until gone 4 the sun was beating down and illuminating the sea. After raiding the Missguided sale and picking up some decent purchases I thought today I would bring out my favourite new playsuit. I have never been one to get my legs out as they are my worst feature, but with the cut and fabric of this playsuit times have changed. It is so comfortable and surprisingly breathable at £17.99 you can find it here.


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I hope you guys are enjoying Summer as much as I am, and hope to see some of you at Shakedown or Boardmasters, let me know x


14 thoughts on “OOTD: Minions & Updos

  1. Love this playsuit you are looking gorgeous!! I absolutely love the 2p machines,always spending more money than you could ever win on them haha xx


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