OOTD: Denim for £5

I haven’t shopped on ‘Everything 5 pounds’ for a while as despite finding some complete shoe bargains before, quite frankly I was just too lazy to browse the whole stock to find something I wanted (this was until I actually started searching for specifics in the search bar…) I completely regret my decision to not scour the website every week, because after just one browse and catch up I found some gems once again!

I had never really looked at ‘Everything 5 pounds’ clothing, even the coats and jackets as I assumed as a Petite Blogger that I hardly ever find anything that fits unless I look for category specifics. As you may well have guessed I was completely wrong about the sizing and pleasantly surprised. I have no idea about length on skirts and trousers, but when I found my denim jacket it was the perfect fit. It is embroidered, true to size and feels fantastic quality, I was utterly shocked purely as I can’t imagine receiving something that nice for £5 anywhere else…


denim 5


denim 3

The majority of my outfit was picked up on eBay throughout last year apart from the brown pleather bag and the bowler hat. The dress is Topshop and I nabbed it for under a fiver, but Topshop consistently bring back the same style and cut dress each year, but with varying patterns. It’s a basic, elasticated waist light summer dress and I love it! The boots were snapped up for £10 and despite not being the most comfortable I love the heel, the Chelsea boot elastic and the colour of them. The bag was Primark for £7 last month and has been the handiest thing EVER, it holds so much! The bowler hat is a returning face from Daisy Street and is here to stay.

I know it is obvious and raved about but eBay is your QUEEN, and I literally cannot get enough of swap and buy. Everything 5 pounds is amazing for style dupes and jackets at the moment too. I picked up a pair of sandals EXACTLY the same as a high street brand for £20 cheaper!!! Unfortunately with the fast stock rotation and the laborious page searching it is time and effort, but time and effort worth putting in that’s for sure.

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