Creep: OOTD


Strut, strut, strut. That’s how I feel when I’m prancing about in heels whilst living in Eastbourne. I get looks for being that girl who lives in high heels and interrupts the daily routine with the noise… Do I care? Not one bit! I’m 5 foot 2, a girl needs help here & there, and nothing makes me feel more confident than a good pair of stilettos. If you feel like yourself in a tracksuit then so be it, I say wear what makes you feel good.

I know I promised you all that I would have a spending ban & I have actually stuck to picks were purchased before I expressed my vow, so we can let it slide right?




You may recognise a January favourite worming its way into my outfit post…

I am not afraid to wear something more than once as long as its styled differently. Surprisingly I used to be one of those ‘brats’ who wouldn’t be seen dead in the same thing twice, luckily reality have me a cold hard slap and my bank balance said otherwise.




Crop top- Primark Β£10 (bought in January)

Fluffy skirt- Topshop (eBay Β£16)

Heels- Chockers ‘Nina’ heels Β£25

Gold chain- M&S (about 10 years old!)

Hair- Aussie shine spray & clipped into a mini bun.

Make-up: ‘Vamp’ lipstick, CC cream

When I purchased my Topshop skirt after a long wait I thought this would be my centre piece.. That was until my Chockers heels that arrived which I simply can’t get enough of. I wouldn’t usually wear a pair this high for everyday wear but they just went perfectly.

I deliberately chose to be sickly matchy with the two fluffy garments, and thought that the gold chain broke up the high neck of the crop. For me it’s the little things, and I don’t tend to wear huge statement jewellery unless its fitting or appropriate. I also picked the darker lipstick and lightened the eye make up to add an edge to the excess kitsch.

What do you think? Would you wear the pieces the way I’ve paired them?

28 thoughts on “Creep: OOTD

  1. SO gorgeous! You literally suit everything! Love the co-coordinating fluffiness + the heels are great. There is nothing better than the sound a good pair of stilettos make when walking!
    L xo


  2. Everything looks great on you! I don’t think I could pull it off though. And I certainly couldn’t wear heels during the day time haha! I haven’t worn heels for about two and a half years… Oops. It takes some getting used to I suppose, and I’m not yet confident walking in them but I’m 5″7 anyway :/
    N xo


  3. The heels are gorgeous! I am under 5ft 2 and I try to wear heels whenever I can, I wish my feet could cope with it 24/7, i’d be wearing heels all day every day if I could! I hate being short! x


  4. Wow they look amazing on you! I’m not surprised you couldn’t resist them for daytime wear.. I wish I could wear stilettos day or night but unfortunately I just can’t walk in them well enough πŸ˜€
    Fab outfit choice its all works together fantasticly x


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