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Hello gorgeous girlies,

I don’t know about you but for me my hair is one of the most important factors for feeling confident and completing an outfit/look. I wish people looked at me and said ‘that’s why her hair is big, it’s full of secrets’ and I could reply with no it’s because of Balmain (not ‘because I’m worth it’… ). Anyway all jokes aside Balmain has kind of actually changed my life’s hair, and almost resurrected it! As you know I struggle with my hair due to stress, dying, extensions and everyday excess and sometimes it gets to the point where it needs intensive care. I pretty much need to be submitted to the hair hospital!

As much as I don’t have the confidence to wear my hair down without hair pieces/wigs yet I can truly say that these products are bringing back it’s shine, and even after one application of the shampoo and conditioner my hair feels noticeably thicker.


I’ve recently started using the Shampoo and Conditioner Hydratant which has a gentle cleanser featuring natural products such as nettle, green tea and camomile which is music to my ears. Same goes for skincare and make-up there’s no point using products full of man made chemicals and ingredients that will only create product build up or strip your body or hair of its natural oils.

The shampoo and conditioners purpose is to build up the hairs moisture binding capacity, and has silk proteins to strengthen the hair and soften. My hairdresser once told me to be careful what products to use as its important to get them in the right order to repair hair or it can become very elasticated( feels like elastic when you pull a strand of hair). You need to strengthen and give moisture to the hair first like these products do. I also found they are great for building up volume, and after usage the hair is still soft even after drying which doesn’t often happen when my hairs been ruined. The Hydratant set can be picked up for Β£52.40 here which features the shampoo, conditioner, the spray and the brush I’m about to come onto.


Naturally before being exposed to heat whether its skin or hair you would use protection..(I hope!) so hair drying is no different to heat styling with something like straighteners. Having fine thinning hair I have been a little scared to blow dry lately, not only because of the heat but also because I read that brushing wet hair can cause a lot of damage and hair loss. This is where the brush in the set comes in handy, with it’s soft separating brushes that detangle without ripping or pulling into the hair. It’s a perfect brush for my hair pieces and wigs too, it treats them with delicacy and care.

When it comes to pre blow drying I towel dry my hair and spray the Vitamin Hydratant spray from the roots to the ends to combat dryness, and promote radiance, growth and volume. I don’t stop there as I find it useful to squeeze a pea size amount of Argan Moisturising elixir into my hands, smooth out and add to my very ends that are extra dry.

Once carefully blow dried with the addition of the brush I then simply spray the silk perfume evenly over my hair. My hair then looks instantly more voluminous, shiny and smells amazing!

I would highly recommend the Balmain Styling Pack if you make one purchase as its suited for any hair types. It’s changed my life with the inclusion of a salt spray, a innovative gorgeous smelling hairspray, the silk perfume spray and the Argan oil elixir– the complete haircare saviour set! The Hydratant set I explained is aimed for anti ageing but seeing as I’m facing those problems already it seems appropriate to use and I never think starting anti ageing is too early!

Hope you enjoyed xxx

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